What’s it All About

You might be wondering what genre this particular blog is all about. I was confused about the same thing, puzzled while deciding what title it should actually have. You see, I didn’t know what to do for sure while setting it up, as all that was in my head at that time was setting it up at all costs.

As I look back, I have been in a massive creative block lately. Earlier, I had been waiting eagerly for vacations to come for me to start something of my own-something good, something meaningful-but now that they were here, nothing would come to mind. I was unable to process any ideas even though I’d yearn to do so. But it wasn’t a dead end, as I realized that it doesn’t entirely matter on how much strength or plausibility the idea seems to withhold-that if I ignore these barriers while attempting to just start off-all it takes is an initiative in order to get some work done.

With this new intention, I began constructing my own blog. I had no idea what it would be about till I came across the option of giving it a suitable title, which was customary for the blog to be actually set up, hence there was no way my procrastination could get in the way this time.

After putting in some thought, I decided to base this blog on intricate details of some of the thoughts and ideas that provoke or excite my soul as this is a topic I believe I can express myself well on. So I hope these excerpts from my mind make sense to you as much as they do to me. As I’ll be sure to explain myself further in the entries to come, I hope some of you are able to relate to them in the future and would like to share ‘thought-excerpts’ of your own.